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Introducing… CorrStub™

A new SEM specimen stub for correlative microscopy

When analysing the characterisation of organic and non-organic samples this usually involves the collection of images and data using a variety of instruments and techniques.
In the majority of cases the use of a single analytical approach is unable to provide all of the answers when analysing these specimens.

In an ideal world, determining the complete characterisation and analysis for the same area of interest in a single sample would be achieved through using complementary approaches, for example X-ray diffraction and light microscopy.

With this in mind, Agar Scientific developed a unique range of SEM pin stubs designed specifically for correlative microscopy and forensic gun shot residue (GSR) analysis. We called this range CorrStub.

CorrStub allows the user to determine the precise location of an area of interest through a number of compatible imaging and analysis platforms.

For example, a specific point on the surface of the sample can be analysed through FIB-SEM before or after transferral to an X-ray spectrometer, an X-ray diffraction system or a light microscope.

CorrStub includes the following unique and useful features:

A precise V-notch on an SEM stub. This has many advantages, as it offers a precise X-Y reference point to analyse any sample. The intersection of the X and Y axis of the V-notch also provides a zero coordinate reference point. This means that images acquired from a number of instruments can be overlaid using a crosshair and micrometric stage. Also, the stub surface can be precisely mapped in relation to the V-notch reference point, meaning the stub can be re-visited at a later date or on another imaging platform.

CorrStub can be supplied laser etched with a unique combination of one alphanumerical and four numerical characters for sample identification

CorrStub is available as a standard 12.5mm dia specimen stub to fit LEO/CAMBRIDGE, FEI/PHILIPS, CAMSCAN, TESCAN and ZEISS instruments and can be supplied pre-mounted with either high conductivity Al core carbon tabs or Leit tabs precisely applied and ready loaded in individual plastic tubes or boxes of 12.

CorrStubs can also be supplied with pre-mounted Aluminium core carbon tabs. Compared to a standard carbon tab, these tabs have a pore-free surface which, when combined with the V-notch, makes imaging and analysis easier when adopting a variety of techniques and instruments. Both sides of the carbon tab are covered by aluminium foil and carbon-based adhesive compound, which reduces surface charge during FIB-SEM.

Find out more about CorrStub here:


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