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It’s good to hear from our customers from time to time!

Paul Simpson is the Cryo Electron Microscopy Facility Manager at Imperial College London. Their Biosciences EM Facility has a number of TEM and SEM Microscopes. He has been purchasing products from Agar Scientific regularly. This was some of the feedback he gave us:

“After shopping around to purchase Quantifoil support grids, we chose to use Agar Scientific for a number of reasons; mainly being their website and customer service.

Agar Scientific’s website is easy to navigate. They provide important information such as the price of items without having to request a quote, and more importantly the stock levels and lead times for products that are not in stock. Knowing lead times for products is extremely important to us as it allows us to plan our orders, especially when purchasing a popular product such as Quantifoil support grids.

Their website also gives you the option to buy now, request a quote on different products and also to view your order history so you can keep track of what you have bought previously with Agar Scientific.

Customer service was also key for us; following a poor after-sales experience with an overseas supplier, we cancelled an order with them. We decided from this point we wanted to use a local supplier, with better service and support. Agar Scientific have not disappointed and have proved over the last 10 months to be a reliable supplier, who deliver on time.

Agar’s account managers are in regular communication with us; through both email and in person. They check on our orders and ask for feedback on how to improve their service, and I value this pro-active approach.

I would highly recommend Agar Scientific as a supplier for both TEM and SEM products!”

Thank you, Paul, for the feedback.

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