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March Newsletter. NEW – Adam balances and scales now available from Agar Scientific – with 10% off introductory offer!

Agar Scientific is now a supplier of Adam Equipment’s range of precision balances and scales and, to celebrate, is offering customers a 10% introductory discount on all orders from now until the 30th April 2014.

Adam Equipment has been producing weighing scales, balances and mass measuring equipment for over 40 years, and is ISO 9001-2008 and NMO accredited to certify scales and balances for trade use. To claim your introductory discount, simply order before 30th April 2014, quoting offer code ADAM0014.
Offer ends: 30th April 2014

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Meet… Anna Mizzi Grid Lab Technician, Agar Scientific

Anna joined Agar Scientific 24 years ago as part of the production laboratory team. Agar Express caught up with Anna on the eve of her retirement, as she talked about her time at Agar and her plans for the future.

What is it you like about the job?
I’m in charge of the grid production for electron microscopes. This is an electroforming process, which involves coating 6 inch x 6 inch plates with photoresist and exposing them to negatives under UV light. The exposed areas are developed and plated with either copper or nickel, then developed again to produce the final grids. We then systematically check every individual grid under very high magnification microscopes, looking for any imperfections. We keep meticulous records of what has been checked to make sure that the quality is always there and, with a 6 inch plate holding around 1,900 images and a throughput of up to 10,000 grids a week.

When did you start at Agar?
I joined the production lab in 1990. Little did I realise that I was going to stay here 24 years! We had recently moved to the area and, with two young children, I just wanted a local, part-time job. It was within walking distance of home and was flexible, and the Company looked after its staff. I had no previous scientific experience, but with the help of a very good teacher I trained on the job. Now it’s my turn to pass on the baton to the next generation.

In 24 years, a lot must have changed?
The overall process has not changed much, although we use larger negatives now and the equipment has been modernised. Probably the biggest change is the emphasis on health and safety. We relocated to new, modern premises a few years ago, and now have an air control system that operates 24/7. When I began, it was a case of throwing open a window to avoid the smell of chemicals!

What are you looking forward to doing once you have retired?
Agar has been a really, really good company to work for, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, but now it’s my time. Travelling will be involved somewhere along the line; there are so many places I’d like to go to. And I love gardening, so I’ll be pottering quite a lot, and I might even join some keep fit classes!

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NEW Photonic lighting system
In microscopy, cold light sources are essential pieces of equipment for optimally illuminating specimens under examination. Photonic’s fibre optic lighting is a highly innovative lighting system, designed specifically to fulfil complex scientific and engineering needs. The LED light sources are compatible with any Photonic fibre optic light guide, providing a huge range of possible.
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This month’s special offers; safety products
This month, the focus is on health and safety, and a number of products –
cleaning agents, gloves and chemical binders for liquid spills – have been
added to Agar Scientific’s current range of offers.
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Lynne Joyce retires from Agar Scientific
Microscopy & Analysis raises a glass to Lynne’s distinguished career and her outstanding services to microscopy.

We wish Lynne all the best and look forward to keeping in touch.

Technical Datasheet; mixing formulations for soft, medium and
hard resin blocks

Complete mixing of the components of epoxy resin embedding media is very important. Mixing can be enhanced by pre-warming the resin, hardeners and glassware to 60°C prior to mixing. The process is described in more detail in the Technical Datasheet AGR1031, one of many informative documents available from Agar Scientific.
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Customers set to benefit from reduced overseas shipping rates
Customers are set to gain from Agar Scientific’s renegotiated overseas
shipping rates from FedEx. Agar Scientific has agreed significantly reduced
shipping rates – particularly across mainland Europe – which will be passed onto its customers.

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