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Microwave Sample Preparation: Recipes for Success

BioWave Pro+ Microwave Tissue Processor

We recently attended the Scottish Microscopy Group’s 46th Annual Symposium in Aberdeen. This annual meeting focuses on bringing together scientists using and
developing microscopy and image analysis techniques, and features talks and poster sessions.

One particularly interesting talk was on the BioWave microwave tissue processing system by Kevin Mackenzie from the University of Aberdeen.

Kevin has worked in the microscopy field at the University for over 35 years and is currently Manager of the Microscopy and Histology Facility. The facility offers 18 different microscope systems employing a wide range of techniques for imaging specimens; including light, fluorescence, laser, EM and x-ray.

The University of Aberdeen Microscopy and Histology Core Facility purchased a BioWave from Agar Scientific earlier this year and have had great results with support from Shahriar and Ben from Agar’s sales team.

The BioWave is a sophisticated microwave tissue processing system enabling rapid specimen processing with consistently high quality results. The use of microwaves enhances sample preparation for TEM, immunofluorescence and light microscopy staining.

Kevin, along with his colleagues Gilian Milne, Debbie Wilkinson and Lucy Wight, have produced a great poster explaining the significant time benefits from using BioWave.

The poster describes three examples for TEM, Immunofluorescence and LM, comparing the conventional and microwave process showing significantly reduced sample turnaround time.

Kevin has kindly shared the poster – download a copy here.

See more information on the BioWave Pro+ Microwave Tissue Processor here.

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