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mmc2019: a roundup in pictures

A big thank you to everybody who came to visit our stand at mmc2019 at the beginning of July. We hope that you all got a bacteria buddy and that they are all enjoying their new homes now!

Here’s our roundup of the conference…

Joined by experts from Lam Plan Specimen Preparation and WELL Diamond Wire Saws, we were able to showcase a variety of products, including;

We also presented three workshops covering different sample preparation techniques over the course of the conference.

The first was presented by Field Service Executive Ben Hayllar, describing the significant time savings using the BioWave microwave tissue processor.

The second workshop was presented by our Technical Director, Paul Balas, along with Daniel Ebner from WELL. They covered Diamond Wire Saw sectioning for microscopy applications in their presentation.

The third and final workshop was presented by Guillaume Lardon and William Magnin from Lam Plan, about sample preparation using grinders/polishers. Their presentation was illustrated with examples from the aeronautic industry.

Last but not least… bacteria buddies! They were very popular again this year, and we loved how happy they make everyone! Here are some pictures of people enjoying their bacteria buddies…

Thank you again to everybody who came to visit us at our stand. We’ll see you in 2021!

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